Brief History

West End leading man, frontman for theatrical rock band Sailor, Las Vegas-based solo singer and songwriter, opera singer and metal screamer. In Oliver’s 20+ years of performing he's been about. 

After being spotted at one of his solo gigs, Oliver found himself performing in Londons West End.
This led to European-wide tours in various bands and shows before returning to the UK to train as a classical tenor. Oliver’s newfound range meant he was lucky enough to move into the operatic world (touring classically worldwide) and incorporate Opera into his rock performances.

In the early part of 2018, Oliver made his way to Las Vegas, performing his original material in the clubs, bars and casinos of the city.
 It was during this time that his unique style coalesced. 

Despite his eclectic range, Oliver never lost touch with his underlying musical influences; Credence Clearwater’s classic rock, Tool’s passionate complexity, the soul of Otis Redding and the songwriting mastery of Jackson Brown, Bob Dylan and Tom Waits, all of which surface in his original compositions; click here to hear them.